About Us



During the R & D and Production stage, we optimize the costs for the benefit of our customers in order to produce the affordable solutions.


Our primary objective in the corporate structure is the high efficiency and productivity. We shape all this work in the direction of achieving the goal within our system.


Our goal is to provide the quality and effective customer service by creating the difference in customer satisfaction and service at work.

In 2015 LLC ‘Ecotechnokhim’ has launched the production of the high-qualified gasoline B-91/115 for the aviation fuels market.
Production of the aviation fuel LLC ‘Ecotechnokhim’ offers the services of remanding and refining of the pure petroleum products.
The production is carried out under the control of public authorities and approved by the PRD license № 4706756 from the Ministry of Transport of Russian Federation since 17.03.2014 and the license № VH-20-004184 from Russian Technical Supervisory Authority (Rostekhnadzor), since 08.08.2014.
Aviatofuel provide and offering environmentally friendly services and solutions to the oil and gas industry..
Aviatop( Ecotechnohhim LLC) sister company’s provide international market Aviation Fuel.
Our company LLC Ecotechnokhim has its own production factory, which has all the necessary equipment for fuel output and meets the most rigid standards for the fuel production. We can provide proper storage and transportation conditions for storage and transportation of the products to customer.
Most importantly: High quality aviation gasoline that is now accessible anywhere in the world.