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Packaging, storage and transportation

Aviation gasoline AVGAS 100LL is delivered in a special tank trucks, iso-tank containers and
steel drums approved for transport of aviation gasoline . Make sure that the packaging in
which gasoline will be transported is clean, dry and undamaged. Each package unit as well as
truck’s transport documents should clearly and permanently indicate: 

The transportation of aviation gasoline B-91/115 is carried out by the transport companies:

1. Pickup

Minimum order – 1 barrel (140 kg).

 Krasnoyarsk region, Shushensky district, “Airport complex «Shushenskoe»
 Kemerovskaya obl, Kemerovo city
 Novgorodskaya obl,Krichevici vil.

2. Aviation gasoline loading

Gasoline tankers

Gasoline tankers with the capacity of 22 000 liters

Gasoline racks

Gasoline racks with the capacity of 5 000 to 35 000 liters

Our technological pump station and the system of technological pipelines allows to provide loading operations for both rail cisterns and tank containers.

3. Delivery of aviation fuel in steel barrels (with the capacity of 216 litres)

Rail transport in metal drums (with the capacity of 216 litres)

Packed in 20 feets in length containers, upper limit capacity is 80 barrels.

Packed in 40 feets in length containers, upper limit capacity is 160 barrels.

Tracks, upper limit capacity is 72 barrels.

Minimum order – 1 barrel (140 kg).