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Production of the aviation fuel LLC ‘Ecotechnokhim’ offers the services of rehandling and refining of the pure petroleum products.

The production is carried out under the control of public authorities and approved by the PRD license № 4706756 from the Ministry of Transport of Russian Federation since 17.03.2014 and the license № VH-20-004184 from Russian Technical Supervisory Authority (Rostekhnadzor), since 08.08.2014.

Production activities

One of our main production activities is the manufacturing of aviation gasoline B-91/115. We carefully select all the components for our gasoline in the compliance with the production criteria. Our aviation fuel provides the high efficiency of the engines, ensuring safety and comfort for a duration of each flight.

The gasoline B-91/115 is well known in general purpose aviation and it is intended for usage with piston engine aircrafts with the spark ignition. For dozens of years it has been used in various industries such as agriculture and it is very popular among sports clubs and private organizations.

The price of such fuel is unrivaled, the top quality is guaranteed by the strict control at all the stages of the gasoline production. In compliance with all GOST 1012-2013 standards, aviation fuel will ensure a long operating life for the power units of the aircraft.

The Gromovo production specifications and main criteria:

Our terminal is located on a 19,3-hectare site next to Gromovo town, Priozrsky district Leningradsky region. It is one of the most technically advanced oil products rehandling and distilling terminals nearby St. Petersburg.
Also there is a storage area designed for the calibrated products.
The discharge capacity is 2 000 t / day. The loading capacity is 1 000 t / day.

The production classification:

  • According to the total capacity and the maximum volume of the tank - III b category
  • Transshipment terminal function
  • Rail/car transportation
  • According to the annual cargo turnover (100 thous. - 500 thous. t/year) - Group 2
  • Tank farm capacity - 10 450 m3

We Offer

  • Receiving, storage and shipping of oil products by lorry and train in gasoline tankers and gasoline tracks, laboratory control, preparation of all the necessary documents;
  • We recieve, process, store and ship the gas condensate and refined products (low-viscosity component of marine fuels with a sulfur content no more than 250 ppm, a solvent for industrial purposes).

Different ways of shipment

The private railway (1070.25 meters) adjacent to the Gromovo railway station of the Priozersky direction.

The tank farm of 10.45 thousand m3, consisting of:

  • Ten vertical steel casement tanks (1000 m3) with the gas equalizing system
  • Nine horizontal steel ground tanks (50 m3)
  • It is planned to increase the tank farm up to 12 ths. m3.

Modern aviation gasoline manufacturing in Russia is intended to be organized with special storage conditions. The maintained storage conditions in our production area meet all the requirements of the national standard GOST 1510.
The total amount of storage / accumulation of the pure petroleum products is 10 000 m3. The barrel series are for auto-filling with total volume of 450 m3.

Each batch of gasoline is to be checked in compliance with standards before the shipment to the customer. We guarantee high quality and attractive prices for the aviation fuel.